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Moving around the island:

Coastal shipping: With a ferryboat from Piraeus toward Samos and Karlovasi there are many scheduled trips that last approximately 12 hours. From Samos, you can go to Ikaria, to Fournous, to Syros and even to Chios, Mitilini, Limnos, Kavala, Dodecanese, Sitia and Saint Nicholas. For more information talk to the port authorities and travel agencies at Piraeus.

Air flights: Olympic Airlines carries out daily schedules for Samos the throughout the whole year. The trip takes about 45 minutes. For more information call the Olympic Airlines.

Useful telephone numbers

Samos area code: (02730)
First Aid: 27407
General Hospital: 27980
Port authority : 27318-27890
Police:  27404-27980
Town Hall: 27340-28582
Tourist Office:  28530
Prefecture: 27722
Olympic Airlines: 61219
Taxi:  28404
OTE -Telephone company:  28499
Post Office: 27304
Buss Depot:  27262 

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