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Through the excursions that we recommend you will have the unique possibility to enjoy every peaceful and public corner of the island and also choose the areas that will bewitch you and urge you to follow them.


Following the coastal road of the North shore of the island towards Karlovasi passing through the all-pine Malagari at a distance of 10 klms you can find Kokkari. One of the most picturesque fish-towns of the island, which has developed into a large seaside holiday center. The name of the town originates from Kokkari (the bulb of the onion for planting) that was grown here in the old days. The visitors will be impressed with the miniature peninsula that is surrounded by the picturesque settlements and beautiful beaches suitable for sea sports. The picturesque taverns, the stores and the little harbor create a charming landscape.


In the town the unique icon screen or iconostasis of the churches of the Virgin Mary (1819) and Saint Nicolas (1902) stand out. Don't forget to visit the festival of St. Panteleimonas on the 27th of July.

A little further away, at approx. 1 klm, you will find the beach Lemonakia, which is one of the most beautiful bays of Samos. Right after you will find the gulf of Tsamadou, with its incredible beaches and the seaside settlement Avlakia. The combination of the granite rock and the deep blue water create an idyllic landscape, which offers unique moments of peace and harmony. It is worth to go and see the phenomenal sunset that transforms the whole landscape into a beautiful painting.


With a chapel at a distance of 5 klms, we meet the town of Bourliotes that is standing as a natural balcony at an altitude of 340 meters, overlooking the sea flooded in vegetation. Because of the wonderful climate and the plentiful water, the island has a large production of wine.

It is said, that the first inhabitants came from the Vourla of Asia Minor, the ancient Klazomenes. It is worthwhile visiting the monastery of the Virgin Mary of Brontianis from the 13th century, at a distance of 2 km that was built in the 16th century and is the oldest one on the island of Samos. It can be found at an altitude of 458 meters, it is surrounded on the Northwest by densely vegetated hills full of pine trees, plane trees and chestnut trees that offer a magical view of the area. The peak of Karbouniou at an altitude of 1.153 meters is only a 3 hours walk by foot. Some of the most remarkable exhibits that are found at the monastery, are those of the gold-plated wooden carving iconostasis of the 18th century, and the manuscripts and books of the 18th and 19th centuries. In the same area you can find graves from the 3rd and 4th centuries, and just 5 km south of the monastery, you can find the castle of Lazanis with ruins from the medieval castle and settlement.


3 klms Northeast we can find the castle of Louloudas and 2 klms west the spring of Pnaka with water and plane trees, which escort the visitor to enjoy the natural beauty that spouts out. With a deviation towards the justify and approx at 1 klm you can find the desolate town of Balkolantes and Aidinia, a picturesque town located in an all-green ravine. The walk between the huge plain-trees and running water is very enjoyable.

Continuing towards the same direction at approx. 6 klm we come across the village of the Manolates, at an altitude of 380m, with a view of dreamlike ravine situated on the west side flooded by wild beauty.




On the main road you will find Saint Konstantin, the coastal village with tourist movement especially in the summer months. Keeping to your justify and at approx. 4 klm we come across the village of Ampelos followed by the village of Stavrinides, which is very green, with gurgling waters and fantastic panoramic view towards the sea.

Beautiful alleys and the traditional architecture blend harmoniously together with the natural beauty of the landscape. Do not forget to be present at the festivities of Profiti Ilias on the 20th of July and to taste the traditional local specialty "giorti" that is offered to the visitors that are present.

Both on you justify and right side, you can see Agios Dimitrios and Vathi. From Agios Dimitrios at the crossroad at approximately 1 klm, you will find the village of Kontakeika. It is characterized by its much spread out neighborhoods and the presence of lots of running waters and vast vegetation. At a distance of 5 klm you will find Ydrousa, the name of the village originates from the existence of many waters just a little way before the bridge that leads you to the area of Karlovasi. (Ydor in ancient Greek - mean water).

The picturesque village will fascinate you with is water mills, watering furrows, vegetation and its ample running waters in each natural slope. After that come the second largest city and simultaneously the harbor of the island, the magnificent Karlovasi. As we are reaching closer we come across the widely spread , aristocratic beauty of the landscape that reaches up to the sea. All the ships that are headed towards Samos first dock at Karlovasi. Based on the locals it is constituted of five large districts, Ormos, Neo, Messaio, Palaio, the Harbor and the Karlovassia. The old Karlovasi with its houses literally climbed on the slopes of the evergreen hill of Agia Triada with olive trees and pine trees creating a unique sense of picturesqueness. At Neo the fantastic Tambarkia stand out, were the buildings seem like ghosts of the past, taking up most of the coastal area of Karlovasi. Walking towards the Messaio the visitor is dazzled by the pictorial view of its roads, the rock paved alleys, the small tavernas and little churches.

To the high above the port with the shipyard the view is idyllic. The imposing buildings glitter the honor of the past, the old lordly villas with the big garden and dispersed factories of tonnages, which from the old days gave works to the inhabitants of the island and bring riches. The factories of tonnages are building with porcelain and the most of them are operating until 1970.



Also the pine of Samos was the suitable for shipbuilding and exports. Karlobasi is the birthday town of the leader of Samioton to the revolution of 1821, Lykourgou Logotheti. The commercial business with town of Europe had changed the town in famous center and certainly the letters arrived without to refer the country.

Karlobasi has a lot physic beauties and sightseeing, which is offered fro excursion, happiness and carefree vacations. In the region there are small industries of ceramics, decorated walls and jacquard.

It is worth to visit the ruins of the Byzantine castle, Porfiria School, the church of Agiou Nikolaou and the Karnagio to the Port. It is excellent sample of unique architecture the small church of Virgin of 14th century, the only ancient church that uphold. His architecture profile is stamping as "Tetrakioniou stavroidous egegramenou."

As starting point Karlovasi, the visitor can organized excursions that content walking, mountaineering and visiting to graphical villages and monasteries to the mountain Kerki, in high 1.433 m., the higher mountain of Samos.

You can visit the village Kosmadaioi and continuing the monastery of Assumption, a magic route under the high pines. Walking from the Canyon of Kaloperato there is a remarkable cave. Another graphic village is Kastania with chestnuts and aplenty waters. Also, it has historical moment because in 1943 is killed a lot during the German bondage, so every year in 30 August are coming a lot of pilgrims.

Across the port we meet the location Potami, one of the most beautiful plazas with an attractive beach and a clear sea. The walking through the over green ravine and is ending to the sea is a unique enjoyable. At the end of the beach there are spas and especially thermometalic ydrothioxlorionatriouxes with powerful radioactivity.

Sightseeing of the region are consisted the church of Metamorfosi, which is called and Virgin of Potamou and celebrates in 6 August, the monastery of Profit Hlias with imagine Byzantine hagiographies and the excellent waterfall with wonderful physic beauty and with two small lakes ideal for swimming.

Continuing forward to the same direction we see two magic locations the Small and the Big Saitani. These comprise wonderful seaside places with especially ecological interest. This region is a biotope and stand legislative arrangement and safe yards standing, when in this exactly region is founding port the Mediterranean seal.

Coming back to Mesaio Karlobasi, in west we meet the excellent villages of Fteria with the first island of Lekka in a distance of 5 Km with great view. The village is graphic, with rich flora, the central square and the church of Agiou Ioanni is made good to the visitor for his route. In the same direction, the road leads to the graphical settlement Nikoloudes and follow the village Kosmadaious. Both villages surface inside from a rich woody flora, running waters, gardens and grapes. In the same region there is a huge plane, which is the biggest in size and age in whole Samos. Following the peripheral road we meet Agio Theodoro and south - west is located the famous Marathokampos.

In a distance of 4 Km is located the Ormos or Gialos Marathokampou, which is a big tourist center with a huge sandy beach. Despite his tourist development, especially the last 10 years, manage to keep whole the Mediterranean traditional type.

An idyllic village, which is the right chose many tourists, such as offering for ideal and magic moments of enjoyment. It is building amphitheatrically with graphic narrow streets and arch.

The Sightseeing in the island is the Cave of Pythagora, the Cave with the church of Saradaskaliotissa with wonderful hagiographies. Also there are Kakoperato, the cave with the stalactites and the Monastery of Agios Ioannis of Eleimona, where the seals are founding port inside the holes. In the direction of west in a distance of 3 Km we meet Botsalakia, one of the most beautiful beaches of Samos. Botsalakia is called the center of the edge of the beach, but this name characterizes the whole region. There are located many hotels and deluxe restaurants that satisfy and the most cool visitor.

In the same direction there are wonderful beaches, Psili Ammos, Limionas and the Makria Pounta with graphic restaurant offering enjoy with the topical and not only recipes.

Following the road to west, making the route of Kekri, is called that a age long extinct volcano, you'll meet the villages Agia Kyriaki, Kallithea and Drakaioi. The over green Agia Kyriaki is leading to the villages Mourteri and palioxori. The village Kallithea or kalampaxtasi is located to the old observation post with towers, from where notified the villagers in the case of fire. In the greater location there are the churches of Agios Georgios, Agios Charalampos and the Bima of Virgin of Makrinis, which were building in 8th century from Pavlo the Latrinos. Between the two last villages is located the port of Agios Isidoros.
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