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With a past that disappears in prehistoric times and mythology, Kyparissia lies at the foot of Egaleo Mountain with the blue-green waters of the Ionion lying at her feet.
It is also called "Double City" because it consists of the upper city, which is the traditional one with cobbled roads, roofed verandas and the incredibly beautiful view to the open sea, and the down town, the modern one, with the contemporary buildings and the governmental and financial centre of the area.

The area is one of the most beautiful in Greece, rich in plantation, with untouchable endless beaches, where even today, those giant sea turtles "caretta-caretta" , choose to build their nests, a few minutes outside the city, at Kalo Nero.
In Agrilli, this small picturesque village, a work of the homogenous nobleman Ch. Fournarakis, "The Tower of Fable" will impress you.
Kyparissia is famous for its climate and products. But the most exciting characteristic is the Sunrise and especially the Sunset that makes the horizon dive in a kind of flame… "I admire there the most beautiful sunset of my travels!" said Clemanseau, when he came in town, in the 20th century, to initiate the railway.
There are some important religious holidays such as: Trinity Sunday and the Day of the Holy Cross and every summer the municipality organises cultural events.
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