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It is the capital of the prefecture with 153.400 inhabitants. It was formed by the union of three agrarian settlements in the Mycenaean years and took its name by Patreas, the leader of Achaean. Today is a commercial, touristic and of transport Peloponnese centre and at the same time the third city of Greece. It is severed to the Pano and Kato Poli, it has the right town planning with squares and beautiful gardens and it preserves the memories from the past.

It's a polymorphic city architecturally. Stands out its big squares, the buildings with the arches in the centre of the city and the multi-coloured gardens.

Patra's port

The port is the joint between Peloponnese and Ionian Islands and Italy as well. At the same time concurs to the commercial and economic development of the city.

From the past, the port was famous as a place for replenishment of ships from east and west.

Today, it services a thousand of people and because of the technological development there are super modern ships, which provide velocity and safety.

Castle patra
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