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Prehistoric settlement: The constitution of the ancient castle city is slipping to the century’s depth. Its enviable strategy place at that time closed Corinthian bay and that was the reason for Nafpaktos to be the apple of discord between the strong people of that period. So that seaside state was joined with the big move of Iraklion (Dorians) to the end of IB’ p.c century. Here the ancient writers wrote that Iraklides constructed their ships in order to pass and go to Peloponnese.
Ancient abstinence: Nafpaktos was to the center of the quarrel of Ancient Greece. Lokroi, Athens’s people, Messinians, Achaioi, Fidaioi, Macedonians, Aitoloi are being alternated to Nafpaktos’s manipulatable of it’s lack through the many centuries path.

In 454 p.c the admiral Tolmidis with the Greek trierarchy and 4000 soldiers obsessed Nafpakto he removed the Lokrian people and he established his allies the Messinian people who have been expatriated from the Spartiatians during the 3rd Messianic war.

Ancient abstinence

Roman years: Nafpaktos and some other Aitolian cities for the next 80 years were subordinated to the Roman and they took in Roman watches. When the war between the Roman people started the watches were back off and the Aitolian cities were free but very tired. The withdrawal of the Roman troops helped many foreign people to take advantage and so they crept over Kalidona and Nafpakto.

Byzantine period: After the division of the Roman nation in East and West Aitolia together with the rest Greece represented piece of Byzantine. During the Byzantine administrative division Nafpaktos was the capital of the main Greece that consisted 39 cities.

Domain of Ipeiro: During 1204 a.c when Constantinople was dominated from the West European people (Franks) and the earth dispersal of the Byzantine Empire, Nafpaktos was with the side of the Venetians. But Michael Angel Komninos crept over Aitoloakarnania, Ipeiro and the West Thessaly and built the Domain of Ipeiro with country town Arta.

Venetian domination 1407-1499: Nafpaktos has met better days during the period of Roman domination. The Venetian commerce that was conducted in Patra was removed in Nafpaktos. The Turkish people dominated Lidoriki and Birtinitsa in 1445 and made an attempt to conquest Nafpaktos. But the Venetians in order to save their shopping center they threw annual tax to Sultan. For all that the Turkish people siege Nafpakto for eight months but without result.

Revolution in 1821: When the Greek revolution of 1821 bust, Nafpaktos was used as military base due to it’s tenacious revetments from the Turkish people. For that reason the main target of the Greek people was to capture the castles of Nafpakto and Antirio. So the Greek soldiery started to be gathered around the forts wanting to stop every replenishment of food and war products.

Giousoof pasha who was set up commander in Antirio controlled the entire sea region and he refitted the castles. That was done till 21 May of the same year where 6 ships of Hydra, 6 from Spetses and 3 from Galaxidi jointed together, represented the Greek navy and they took to their hands the control of the seaside region in front of Antirio and Nafpaktos.
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