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In the suburbs of Vareia, Akrotiri and Kratigos, you will find beaches for swimming, especially the one known as Vigla, which attracts a lot of people in summer. The romantic, little beach of Ayios Ermoyenis with a chapel of the same name is a fascinating place. Continuing on toward the north you reach Panayiouda, a coastal settlement, which attracts many sunbathers and holidaymakers during the summer period. To the left, you see Afalonas where there is also a church to the Panayia (Virgin Mary) and little further north is Pamfila with a beach on the sea, an especially picturesque village.

North of Thermi, it is found the sand beach of Petalidi. Continuing on toward Sykamnia and after Kapi, we meet the lovely beach in the area of Tsonia. Three kilometers to the north is Skala Sykamnias with the superb beaches surrounding it and one of the most beautiful sunsets. The bay of Yera is one of the most beautiful bays in the Mediterranean. South to village Skopelos it is found the coastal site of Tarti of incomparable beauty.

Descending to the bay of Yera, the road arrives to Perama a resort area. The road now heads SW and after you pass Ayios Isidoros with its superb beach, arrives at Plomari. The area of Plomari is full of small settlements and sites, the most important being Palaiochori and its port at Melinda with its lovely beach. Skala Polichnitou is a fishing harbor that has developed into a tourist resort with the beaches of Skala and Nyfida. At Vatera is the famous beach, 8 km. long.

This sand beach one of the best in Europe is a pole of attraction for vacationers. Skala Kalonis has also developed into a tourist resort. At the sites of Makara and Apothika there are lovely and tranquil beaches when you can enjoy the island's sparkling clean sea. It is not by chance that tourist traffic is increasing and with it the infrastructure of the area is improving at an equally rapid rate. That is why the beaches of Petra and Anaxos are filled with people every summer.

At Mithymna (Molyvos) it is found the famous beach of Eftalou and the pebbled beach of Molyvos. As you approach Antissa we meet the Perivolis Monastery and a turn-off to the right leads to Gavathas with the beautiful beach. Sigri is a highly frequented summer resort with lovely sand beaches. In the end, Skala Eressou with its superb sand beach has developed into an important summer resort with cosmopolitan life.
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