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After you have passed the Isthmus having as your destination the tour in the lovely Peloponnese, the first prefecture you are going to meet is Corinthia. Capital of the prefecture is Corinthos. A city with a deeply historical legacy, which will offer you unforgettable vacations. Likewise, they are saved ruins from the theatre and the Conservatory. After you’ve passed the South Stoa, you’ll see the Asclepio (where the patients stay overnight) and Acrokorinthos.

Soon after the ancient town you will meet the Acropolis of Corinthos, one of the greatest and oldest monuments of the entire Peloponnese where the combination of frankish, byzantine and venetian order testifies its possessors. Certainly, at Corinthos you’ll visit the Archaeological museum where you’ll see objects that were found in the excavations of ancient Corinthos as also patients’ offerings from Asclepio and the Ecclesiastical museum, which have operated since 1973, and it’s got icons, handwritten gospels and other ecclesiastical objects.

Corinthos has a vivid life, day and night because of the many shops, restaurants, cafeterias and night clubs. If you are thatre-goer, each year from September till October, it is organized a Theatre Festival in which takes troupes from Balkans and the Pan-Hellenic festival of amateurish troupes.

In Corinthos you have to taste the delicious milk-pie. At Corinthos you’ll have the chance for excursions to the rest cities and villages of the prefecture by buses that start from the city centre. In the entire Corinthia you will find rooms-to-let and hotels. The villages are connected with buses but you can also hire motor scooters and cars. The restaurants and the taverns don’t miss and in the coastal villages there are plenty of fresh fishes.


Corinthos: (07410)
Municipality: 24518
First-aid: 25711
Police: 22143
Tourist police: 23282
Traffic office: 23333
Buses: 25644
Trains: 22523
Post: 22015
Taxis: 22361

Agrotiki: 24820
General: 26442
Ktimatiki: 21064
National: 24458
Ionian: 84418
Ergasias: 29141
Crete: 72828
Pisteos: 27165
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