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Kiato is a offshore town which is located in a hammock area which is lettered by lemon trees, orange trees, and other fruit-bearing trees. It has a lot of touristic activity mainly in the summer, that arrive many resorters. The ancient name of Kiato was Sikiona. In the antiquity it had a great prosperity, specially from the mid of 2nd century b.C.

The first occupants of the area were Pelasgians, that have been banish from the Achaians, that follow on the Dorians. During the tyranny of Klisthenis, the social life had a great prosperity and important rhetoricians, philosophers, artists, as Poliklitos, Kleon, and Lisipos are appeared. At Kiato you must visit the ancient city Sikiona, where during the excavations that have been from 1885 until 1895 and from 1922 until 1928, discovered the ruins from many ancient buildings, like the parliament, the long gallery, and the fabulous statue of Dionisos, which has been in the Archaeological museum of Athens.

The roman bath, that has saved and repaired, today is operating as museum, where presented the gleanings of the area, that mainly are earthen statuettes, mosaic floors, paleochristian and Byzantine sculptures. However the ancient mosaic floors which picturize mythologic scenes, animals e.t.c. have especial interest.

The most representable and famous sculptures from the roman period, are the marble statues of Panas, Artemida and Trimorfi Ekati. At Kiato you will enjoy octopus dried in the sun and ouzo in the picturesque beachside taverns which have be located on the coasts of Corinthian gulf. There are also a lot of bars and night clubs and the nightlife at Kiato is high.

In the first fifteen days of August organized cultural appearances with miscellaneous artistic program, that called Sikionia. On 6 of August, you can join in the traditional celebration at Pasio, where offer meal and wine. You can also swim on the beach of the settlement. There are local hotels and lodgements for the residence. You can arrive at Kiato through the national road of Corinth - Patra with bus or taxi from Corinth.
Useful telephones (07420):

First aid : 22222
Police : 22315
Port authority : 22212
Hellenic Organization of Telecommunication : 22399
Hellenic post office : 22291 
Taxi tel : 22600
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