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Kamena Vourla is internationally renowned for its famous thermal springs. In the town are modern establishments staffed by experts. Also, well-known are the springs of " Koniaviti " and " Kallidika " just outside the town.

The composition and quality of the medicinal waters make these spas unique throughout the world for the prevention and treatment of many health problems such as arthritis, rheumatism venal complaints and nervous or skin disorders.

The visitor to Kamena Vourla will enjoy immensely the sun and of course, the sea. The beautiful beaches with their clear, blue sea are the reason that the town has won the "Blue Ribbon Award" from international ecological organizations. The best known beaches include "Glaros" (Seagull) and "Asproneri" (White water). In addition there is the beach of the Hotel "Galini" which offers a host of organized activities.


A holiday or short break in Kamena Vourla will be comfortable and will suit for any pocket. There is accommodation from the superdelux to the simplest hotels which are noted for their cleanliness, impeccable service, traditional Greek hospitality and, of course, the unforgettable Greek cuisine.

Another attraction is the campsite of E.O.T. which operates from May to October. The small coffee bars, pizza parlous, cake shops and small family restaurants along. The beaches gives Kamena Vourla a particular style and charm. The visitor can wine and dine by the sea, listening to the lapping of the waves or admiring the fabulous sunsets.


Kamena Vourla is a well-loved location for young people, too. Not unjustly so, considering the wide selection of night life such as pubs, bars, discos and folk music clubs. The exciting night life promotes Kamena Vourla as one of the most cosmopolitan towns in Greece.


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