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Gythio is a small town in Lakonia, but the biggest of Mani. The architecture and the atmosphere of the town is the typical sea atmosphere of the greek landscape, like and this of the greek islands.

His big beach with the small taverns, the ouzeri and the fish taverns, the outstretched octopus on the sun, the during moving of the small and others boats, the amphitheatrically building houses, are composed the graphical of Gythio.

Export port of the products of the Nome, Gythio knows the economical acme, when the transportations are being mainly by the sea. Evidently sign of his robustness is the beautiful neo classical mainly buildings and the stone high houses, that are building like the civil characteristics, amphitheatrically, to the mountain of Koumaros.

Port of Gythio

In Gythio the sightseeing is lot. Inside Gythio, and also to his graphical coaches, that extended for many kilometers, you 'll find taverns for fresh fish, restaurant, small clubs, cafe. Between July and Augoust, is being the Festival of Gythio, that contain several civil actions, like speeches, concerts and also plays of ancient drama to the ancient theater of the town.

In Githio you can go for a ramble to the narrow uphill street with the stone stairs that scrambles on the top of the mountain. From the last houses begin the footpath that drive to his top, where there is a small, beautiful church, from where the unconstricted view is magic. You ;ll swimming to the delicious coaches, which are extended right and justify of Gythio.

Githio is the center of Lakonia and can used like the begging of the trips, hunting and fishing.
You can make the round of Mani to sea the great castle, and also the most away island of Eptanese, Kythera. From the port of Gythio there are ferry boats for the island of Kythera. There are hotels and rentals rooms and apartments, where you 'll find to the end of the place for your residence.
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