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The Archeological Museum of Chalkis is a very beautiful building, an example of the architecture of the first decades of the 20th century. It houses collections of honorary decrees as well as many sculptures of the Roman Period and tombstones. The finds include idols of the Mycenean Period, and quite a few bronze and terracotta idols which represent the geometric collection.

There you can see also roman sculptures from Aedipsos and Chalkis as well as tombstones from New Lampsakos. Also you have the opportunity to admire wonderful pottery from Evoia and Boiotia thanks to the Oikonomou Collection.

Should you wish to travel back into the past and get a taste of the articles that constituted necessary elements of the everyday life of the inhabitants, you only need to visit the Folklore Museum in Kimi.

It was founded in 1981 by the cultural and educational society of Kimi. Mention must be made, however, of the important contribution by the inhabitants of the region, who with their donations enriched the exhibits of the museum. Passing the threshold of this 3-storied neo-classical building, the property of the museum, situated in the center of the town, you will see collections of woven cloth, embroideries, as well as many traditional men's costumes, which were worn not only for daily activities but also for special occasions such as weddings and festivities. 


You will be impressed by the items of pottery, wood carvings and metal artifacts exhibited here, while you should not miss the section of lay-paintings with works of S. Chrissanthopoulos and G.D. Esposito. If, in fact, you should happen to visit during the period of various functions, you can enjoy lectures, concerts, theatrical performances and film projections by the cinema club of the society, which take place at the circular open-air theatre in the garden of the museum.


Terracotta idols from the area of Karistia, inscriptions and sculptures from the same area, as well as finds of Drakospita, are some of the exhibits that you can see and admire in the west wing of the Geokalion Cultural Institute, housing the famous Archeological Museum of Karistos.

Repeated excavations in the region of Oxylithos lead more and more to the belief that there is the site of ancient Kimi. The city hall of Chalkis is a beautiful building, which fortunately has been declared preservable.

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