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The temple of Agiou Titou:
Here it is the Agia Kara of Agiou Titou who was the first bishop of the island.

The temple of Agiou Mina:
It is the metropolis of Crete. Here the visitor can admire the wonderful pictures of the hagiographer Miahail Damaskino.

Agiou Markou Basiliki:
It is the oldest Venetian church of Crete. It is dated from the 13th century. In nowadays it is used as auditorium or concert hall.

Morozini Krini:
It is about a Venetian monument. The sewer pipe of the city has ended here.

The Venetian Lontza:
It was club for the rich gathering.

The temple of Nick Kzantzaki:
Who doesn’t know the creator of Captain Manoli of the The poor of God of Chisus and his crucifixion.

Nick Kazantzakis:
Was born in Hraklio in 1883 and died in Germany in 1957. His crave is in Hraklio to the old Venetian fort Martineko near to Chanioporta.

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